Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to enlarge your penis, 9 methods

Penis enlargement procedures are typically assigned by doctors for patients who suffer from micropenis - condition characterized by genetic and hormonal abnormalities and penis length smaller than 7 cm in erect state.

If you don't have a micropenis you need to check how your member relates to the average length according to your race and ethnicity (all values are in cm units).

Europe14.8 - 16.1
America, Australia11.7 - 14.8
Africa , South America16.1 - 17.9
North America13.5 - 16.1
North Asia10.5 - 12.9
South Asia9.7 - 11.7

As you can see the smallest average values are in South Asia, while the biggest members are statistically most common in Africa and South America.