How to get a bigger penis, 6 exercises

Manual Penis Enlargement Exercises

Hot-wraps are used to warm up and warm down will help reduce the occurrence of minor injuries like bruising, burst capillaries and vein thrombosis.


To prepare your hot wrap grab a medium sized towel and soak it in hot water. The idea is to get the towel as hot as you can comfortably tolerate. You will need to keep the towel wrapped around the shaft of your penis for 2-5 minutes only removing to re-soak. Using a hot wrap will greatly increase blood circulation throughout the penis and will warm up tissues that will be targeted during our PE workout. An electric heating pad serves the same purpose and can be purchased for $14 online.

This will get your dick ROCK HARD. Give her the sex she's been missing WITHOUT taking any pills!

Stretching (the penis) is very important for gaining length and should be done immediately after the hot-wrap warm up. Be aware that stretching will only add to the length of your penis, it will not add any girth.

Only stretch your penis when it is completely flaccid and never while erect. If you start to get an erection from stretching let go of your penis and wait 15 seconds then start again. Squeezing your penis with a firm grip may also cause an erection to subside.


To do a common warm up stretch you want to wrap your hand around the head of your penis. Try to get the most comfortable grip you can. Now pull your penis by the glans and stretch for 30-60 seconds. Stretch in each direction up, down, left and right holding each for 30-60 seconds.

Remember, you should never feel pain while stretching. If you ever feel sharp pains or serious discomfort while stretching you are doing something wrong and should stop immediately.

Jelqing is definitely one of the most powerful penis enlargement exercises you can do, it not only increases the length of the penis but also increases girth as well. I always suggest people start by using lots of lube however you can do dry jelqing if you prefer.

Jelqing should be done when the penis is 50-100% erect. Your first month(s) starting out never jelq with more than a 80% erection. You might want to vary how erect your penis is throughout the workout, this way you will eventually find your 'jelqing comfort zone'.


When jelqing do not apply pressure to the top of your shaft, you want to release your grip once you've reached the glans. You do this because the glans and the top of the shaft are two areas that have sensitive nerves and veins that you don't want to damage. You should only be applying pressure to the bottom and sides of the shaft of the penis while jelqing.

To start jelqing make the OK sign with your index finger and your thumb. Next, wrap the OK sign around the bottom of the shaft of your penis and slowly yet firmly push your fingers down to the end of the shaft trapping and pushing the blood as you slide your grip across. You release your grip once you've reached the glans. That is one repetition – it should take 2-3 seconds per jelq, after 1 repetition you alternate hands, keep jelqing until you reach the set number of reps.

Some people confuse jelqing for some kind of masturbation technique but when masturbating your hand is sliding over your shaft very quickly. When jelqing you are slowly pushing the OK grip into the penile tissues, causing micro-tearing, pumping blood and building internal pressure throughout the penis. The goal of jelqing is not to cum as it is when masturbating, you want to exhibit self control and do it as a controlled exercise.

A jelqing trick that is commonly used by un-circumcised men is to hold back the foreskin at the base of the penis with one hand while jelqing with the other for 10-20 reps then switching hands. A lot of lubrication is needed for this method, it will not work dry.

Your first month doing PE never increase grip strength past medium intensity. It is very important that you develop strength and resistance in your penis before attempting any intense exercises.

Remember, causing an injury will only delay growth and put a halt to your training, if you feel sharp pains or serious discomfort when jelqing you know you are doing something wrong and should stop immediately!

Kegels are the contracting and relaxing of the BC muscle. Did you know that you can drastically improve erection strength and control your ejaculation by doing kegels? To have the hardest erections of your life and shoot off loads like a porn star you will first need to locate the male BC muscle.

The BC muscle is the one you can squeeze that stops you from urinating when you flex it. This is the same muscle that can lift your penis and the same muscle that pumps semen when you ejaculate.


Once you have located the BC muscle practice contracting it, a full range 2 second squeeze is considered 1 repetition. The amount of kegels you do in a typical workout will vary depending on the condition of the muscle.

Another reason that the BC muscle is so important is because it holds the secret to solving erectile dysfunction without resorting to potentially harmful methods like drugs and surgery. It can effectively improve a man's orgasms because the orgasm sensation originates in the BC muscle. It also helps to propel the semen out of the penis upon orgasm. Building strength in this muscle has countless sexual benefits, kegels are highly recommended.

When the male BC muscle is strong, a man's orgasms are more powerful and pleasurable and he can actually ejaculate harder with more distance. You can also master control of ejaculation, when you reach this point you can have sex for hours of pleasure and hold off from ejaculating.

Hanging is by far one of the oldest, most ancient methods of penis enlargement. Throughout history a wide range of different cultures have engaged in PE hanging exercises to enlarge their penis to incredible lengths.


The concept behind this method of PE is very simple, clamp or strap a hanging device to the penis, weight is then attached to the hanging device which progressively stretches the ligaments that anchor the penis to the public bone. This eventually leads to permanent gains in penis size.

Hanging is commonly practiced like one would perform sets in a gym, example hang 12 pounds for 15 minutes - do 3 sets. Usually you will want to do some kind of jelqing and manual stretching in during rest periods for best results.

Cheap hangers should be avoided because most of them are designed in such a way that all the tension is anchored around the glans which is prone to damage because of delicate clusters of nerves. A good quality hanging device will wrap around and put all the pressure on the shaft of the penis and not the glans.

Although history has proven hanging is very effective it is generally not recommended for those new to PE. Even veterans who have been hanging for years should think about switching over to safer PE methods especially after building up to very heavy weights.

The risk of using too much weight too soon is very serious, hanging weights from the penis is potentially the most dangerous PE technique you can attempt. Some men greatly lessen the risks of hanging and use a 1-2lbs lightweight ADH (all day hanging device) while others hang 12 pounds for 15 minutes x3 sets.

Lightweight all day hanging may be a good option for those with limited time to perform high repetitions of jelqs and manual stretches.

With ADH small concealable PE weights can be attached to the penis which makes this an optimal stealth PE method. Some men chose to multi-task by doing all day hanging at the office, while watching TV or while driving without anyone knowing.

As with all PE exercises if done correctly hanging is an extremely effective way of lengthening the penis. Risks can be lowered greatly by taking the proper precautions and safety measures.

Penis Extenders are a doctor recommended alternative to hanging weights and are considered by many much safer and much less primitive to hanging, however, they can sometimes carry a heavy price tag which turns people away.

Extenders cause growth by using the same principles as hanging, they will extend and stretch the ligaments and permanently increase your penis size. These devices were originally recommended by erologists for men who had recently undergone penis augmentation surgery.

Shorty after testing it was discovered that if used routinely the extender alone did a better job than any surgery ever could! Extenders have been taking over the penis enlargement marketplace just because they are so simple to use and doctor backed.

One of the things most men like about the penis extender is that there is no exercise involved like jelqing and stretching plus no re-occurring payments like with penis pills. If you've been thinking of getting a penis extender it's a great choice and it generally much more comfortable and less time consuming than jelqing.

Although designs can vary greatly most extender devices usually consist of one end that pushes up into the public bone and has elongation rods which connect to an anchor that wraps around the glans. The elongation rods adjust the amount of tension and provide control of how much stretch you will get.

The reason most men feel extenders are safer than hanging is that it uses more of a resistance principle to provide a stretch rather than free weight hanging. The rods can be adjusted which provides the perfect amount of resistance for each PE-er.

The obvious downside to extenders is that they work by the same flawed principles as low quality hanging devices, the anchor wraps around the glans which contains very sensitive nerves that you don't want to damage.

Penis extenders aren't much safer than weight hanging, they simply have doctor backing because the technology can be heavily marketed. You can definitely get the same results from free by doing manual PE exercises.


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