Erectile Dysfunction

The above caption has become synonymous to most men in recent times. most young and middle aged men all over the world are faced with this embarrassing health problem.


Erectile dysfunction (E/D): can simply be defined as,
  • the inability of the penis to achieve full and turgid erection.
  • the inability of the erected penis to sustain an erection.
  • premature ejaculation.

In other words, erectile dysfunction can be defined as the inability of the penis to achieve/sustain, erection or the failure to achieve/or short lived penetration(premature ejaculation).


CAUSES of erectile dysfunction varies from one man to another and sometimes from region to region.

However, the common causes of E/D include;
  1. Stress : this is one the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. Men under this category are office executives who attends to large volume of files, telephone calls, business coleaques/and partners. At the end of the business day , the man is completely exhausted and cannot/or may not be able to meet the sexual demands of the female home executive. (the wife).
  2. mental/physical fatigue: men whose job details demand the use of the mind (i.e mental processes) and physical energy are also prone to E/D.
  3. psychological disorder: these disorders may include; depression and its allied misgivings and emotional imbalance.
  4. poor nutrition: diet is another cause of E/D. most times very busy and fat men tend not to have time for food as they go about taking only tea, coffee and some other junks. Surprisingly, these junks adds little or no nutritional value to the body. Remember, the male reproductive organ requires a lot of nutrition for its optimal performance. Hence, it comprises of elastic muscles and super veins that need constant nourishment.
  5. sexually transmitted infections: the common sexually transmitted organisms that causes weakness of the penis is staphylococcus aureaus and gonococci infections.

- When you struggle to have sex once or twice a week.

- When it becomes increasingly difficult for your penis to achieve erection.

- When you cannot sustain an erection for between three to five minutes.

- When your erected penis begins to wobble during sex.

- When you ejaculate prematurely and with displeasure.

- When you replace sex with excuses and lastly.

- When your wife/or partner is silent during and after sex.


Men sexual -life is at its peak from age eighteen and above to between thirty-five, and thereafter begins to dwindle. This reminds me of the law of 'diminishing returns' in elementary economics.

Erectile Dysfunction

However, on attainment of the age of diminishing libido, men ought to imbibe healthier life style so as to sustain/or improve his libido.

Regrettably, most men on discovering this men menopause, they begin to indulge in artificial enhancement and the use of drugs.

This problem has generated a lot of revenue to the producers 0f Viagra and others.


Some men enhances their erection with the use of drugs because;
  • they not want to disappoint their spouses or female partners.
  • to remain sexually active.
  • to avoid same story-lines of an artful sex-dodger.

It has been discovered that erectile dysfunction has contributed some percentage to marriage separation, divorce and marital infidelity.

Therefore, it is factually undeniable that some women whose husbands are sufferers of this condition has either become baby –dulls in their matrimonial homes or have resorted to some means of self-help, either legitimately or otherwise.


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